The Granary in Elberta Utah

This was a project that presented some interesting challenges to us, as it had penetrations through the roof that Carlisle, the roof manufacturer, did not have any details for. Once again, we had to submit drawings to Carlisle for approval and then have the roof inspected on completion to ensure compliance with the drawings. A lot of custom work was done on this project. We also could not use any open flame, create any sparks or have metal shavings from screws drilling through metal falling into the grain bins as they were full at the time we installed the new roof.

Installation and Materials

We pressure washed the surface and allowed to dry. Unnecessary roof penetrations were eliminated and the roof was simplified as much as possible while still maintaining the function of the grain bin.   A 135 mil reinforced TPO fleeceback plastic roof membrane installed, fully adhered to concrete decking. This membrane needed to withstand 90 mph winds and have a 30 year labor and material warranty issued by Carlisle. Seams were heat welded. Vent pipes were flashed with pre-manufactured jacks. All roof penetrations flashed with custom made flashing. Hand railings, electrical conduit penetrations, machinery supports, grain bin access hatches and all other penetrations were properly flashed.

We Installed termination bar around perimeter of roof and Secured membrane over front face of concrete.

Cut edge sealant was installed where needed. T patches and other flashing installed per manufacturer specifications.

We contended with 40-mph winds

On this project we contended with high winds. Often, the velocity of the wind at 110 feet above the ground is a lot higher than it is at ground level. This proved true in this instance and made life difficult at times as we had to contend with winds in excess of 40-mph. The project took longer than expected as a result of the high winds. However, we were happy with the outcome of this project and show case it on our blog for your review. The roof passed the inspection from Carlisle and is serving it's owner well.

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