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Roof Maintenance

Almost all roofing manufacturer warranties require that all components of a roof receive regular periodic maintenance to ensure that your roof remain leak free for its expected life cycle. If the roof is not properly maintained, the warranty may be invalidated.

Your roof is something you can’t afford to worry about. You need to know that it is waterproof – free of defects and damage and able to protect your property all year round. That’s the reason many companies and property managers protect their buildings by hiring Far West Roofing, Inc. to do their routine preventative maintenance. A properly maintained roof lasts much longer than a roof that is never maintained. Learn more about what you can do to get the most out of your current roofing system.

Preventive Roof Maintenance Service

A new roof does not qualify you for a tax credit but you can write off the entire cost of roof maintenance or a qualifying roof recondition. A maintenance plan or recondition is considered a maintenance expense on your taxes and can be deducted all in the same year that the roof recondition is completed.

A Roof Maintenance Plan will save you money of the lifetime of your roof. Here are a few facts from Roofing Contractor Magazine that support the need for a good roof maintenance program.


Benefits of Roof Maintenance:

  • Over 80 percent of all roofs are prematurely in need of replacement.
  • On average over $127,500 is spent repairing and replacing the roofing system during the life-span of a building.
  • Commercial roofing systems average cost of replacing is more than $42,500!
  • Roof maintenance can extend the life cycle of your roofing system up to as much as 100%
  • Preventive roof maintenance programs are tax deductible.
  • Without maintenance a 30 year roofing systems generally lasts on average 15-20 years.
  • By the time you see evidence of a roof leak it has already done damage to your roof decking, your building frame as well as the ceiling tiles and dry-wall. Routine inspections and preventive maintenance can prevent this type of damage to your building’s structure.
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