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Cobble Creek Apartments

A few challenges

Installing the new roofing on this complex provided a few interesting challenges. First, some of the buildings were 90 feet away from the closest access point where we could place a dump truck. In-between the dump truck and the building was a man made lake filled with trout. Surrounding the lake were beautiful manicured lawns with rock landscaping.

Protecting the property

This apartment complex was also the recipient of several awards for their landscaping. This was a project we planned very carefully for. We needed to keep access to each building while roofing it providing safe passage for the tenants. We did this by strategically placing our crane which has a 127 foot reach. This was used to load materials, to offload debris and to keep the landscaping in pristine condition. Using a crane with our specially manufactured debris holding systems, we cut down on dust, noise and clean up doing this project. Also, we do this in about 60% of the time our competitors would take to do the project. These factors combined, we provide a turn key project completed in a timely fashion. It is safe and professional with minimal inconvenience to the tenants.

The specifications on the project where as follows:

  1. Total sq-ft of roof (6000 sq.ft.) per building. Roof pitch was 4/12.
  2. We would tear off the existing roofing down to the decking and dispose of all debris.
  3. We then inspect roof deck and replace noticeably damaged or dry rotted wood as necessary.
  4. The plywood deck would be replaced if needed. Authorization from the owner is obviously required prior to replacement.
  5. We sweep clean the entire roof surface of any loose dust and debris to insure a clean, smooth surface. Install 90 Degree color-clad drip edge around perimeter. Any good contractor should do this as this is the most visible part of your roof from the ground.
  6. We install ice and water shield to the following areas: On eaves up 6 feet (2 courses), a 40″ wide roll installed in valleys and around any vent pipe flashing, chimneys and furnace pipe flashing. Ice and water shied to be turned up against any wall on side and end wall areas. We then install Diamond Deck synthetic underlayment to the remaining exposed roofing surface.

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CertainTeed Landmark Series

We then install Architectural shingles. I like to install the Certainteed brand for several reasons. First, they use a lot of asphalt in the production of their shingles. This provides superior granular adhesion which increases the life of the roof. Doing a project such as this, it is important that it be done to last a long time to minimize the disruption to the landscaping. We install the shingles in the following way. Install first course of CertainTeed Landmark architectural starter shingles. Install CertainTeed Landmark architectural shingles using 6 nails per shingle. The nails used to secure are 1 1/4 inches in length. Install new step shingles and end wall flashings in required locations. Vent pipes flashed with no-caulk jacks. Furnace pipe flashed with galvanized flashings. We further paint all pipes and flashings to compliment the color of the new shingles. For superior ventilation, we install ridge vent. Covering the shingles are hip and ridge shingles.

Finished ahead of schedule

Important to the drainage of the gutters, we clean out and debris from roof gutters. This is often overlooked on a project of this scope. We also clean up all roofing related debris and leave the job site in a clean, neat, professional manner.

This project was completed well within the time frame allotted.

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