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PVC Single Ply Membrane

This high performance roofing system provides excellent protection, is highly durable as well as energy efficient.

Why Choose PVC For Your Flat Roof

PVC was introduced in the 1960’s and since has evolved into a one the the most dependable roofing solutions. PVC single ply membrane provides superior water protection a long life cycle and is one of the most energy efficient roofing systems available.

Innovative ultraviolet light inhibitors, allows PVC to reflect most of the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays not only does this protect your roofing system from wear and tear it also saves you a lot of money on heating and cooling.

PVC’s heat welded bonds provide a permanent watertight seal. In-fact the seal is even stronger then the material itself – completely and permanently water tight.

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A Reflective Roofing System

Minimizes the solar heat gain of a building by first reflecting incoming sunlight and then by quickly re-emitting the remaining absorbed energy. As a result, this type of roof stays cooler than traditional roofs of similar construction, and therefore keeps the internal temperature of the building cooler. The coolness of a roof is measured by its solar reflectance and thermal remittance. Both are measured by on a scale from 0 to 1 the higher value, the cooler the roof.

PVC is Durable and Dependable

PVC single-ply roofing is a product with extreme strength that prevents breaking and tearing both during the installation and while in practical use. Even under the extreme weather conditions of Northern Utah, the blistering heat of the desert in the summer as well as the icy Rocky Mountain winters, it has proven its durability over and over again.

PVC is Highly Energy Efficient

After the installation of PVC don’t be surprised when you notice a substantial decrease in your cooling costs; PVC single ply membrane is able to reflect up to 90% of the heat coming from the sun. PVC is an insulating product, and will prevent the transfer of heat from the roofing system to the roof’s surface.

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