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      rain gutters protect the interior and exterior of your property they also reduce stress on your foundation by channeling water away from your home

      Value of Rain Gutters

      Without rain gutters, water running off your roof can enter your attic or the exterior walls of your home. Water drainage from the roof can also stain and damage your soffit, fascia as well as the siding or stucco.

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Why Rain Gutters are an Important Part of Your Roofing System

An inch of rainfall means that about 600 gallons of water

will fall on the roof of the average sized home. With that much rain water running off your roof it needs to be directed far enough away from your home’s foundation.

Rain gutters are an essential part of a roofing system

Rain gutters are an important extension of your roofing system and are essential for protecting your roof. Rain gutters also protect your home and property by channeling it an appropriate distance away from your flower garden, porch, deck and most importantly your home’s foundation.

Without rain gutters,

water running off your roof can enter your attic or the exterior walls of your home. Water drainage from the roof can also stain and damage the soffit, fascia as well as the siding or stucco of your home.


Run off from the roof

can cause considerable damage to your landscaping from erosion of topsoil and ground coverings to over-saturation of flower beds and bushes. Water that runs directly onto your porch or deck can cause it to warp or rot prematurely. When the earth next to your home’s foundation is over saturated with water it pushes inward with considerable force and as the dirt dries it contracts.  This constant swelling and contacting of the dirt will eventually take its toll on your foundation possibly causing it to crack and leak. Erosion of the dirt underneath concrete walkways and driveways can lead to settling and cracking, creating uneven surfaces and trip hazards.                                                                                                    

It is recommended to clean rain gutters at least twice a year.

 While cleaning your gutters it is a good idea to check how well the fasteners are holding up. Check to see that they aren’t pulling away from your home lowering the amount of weight your gutter can support.  Also keep an eye out for rusting spots, dents, holes and disconnected or leaking joints. Leaking joints can cause ice to form on stairways of porches during the winter months, exactly where the ice is not wanted. 

Gutters Need to Be Kept Clear of Debris

For the homeowner that wants to dramatically reduce the need to clean gutters we can install leaf guards or screens to your gutters. These prevent leaves and other debris from piling up in your gutters and causing blockages. This can reduce your cleaning frequency from twice a year to once every two to three years. Some smaller debris can sometimes still collect in your gutters, so it’s a good idea to give your gutters a quick look every year to check how much debris has accumulated.

Gutters need to be installed correctly.

It’s also very important that your rain gutters are installed correctly. Poorly installed gutters can cause water to drain between the gutter and the fascia boards allowing water to reach lumber on the roof eaves.

The gutters and downspouts should be fastened securely to the house.  We recommend using screws rather than nails for superior fastening. Another important consideration is that downspouts should direct water away from your foundation.

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